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29 October 19
Lambda Architecture
About four years ago, in 2015, Nathan Marz and James Warren published a book ( introducing a relatively fresh view on how reliable data-processing architectures can be designed leveraging both batch and stream processing at the same time. This concept was named Lambda Architecture. Today the concepts introduced...

The work with «Aligned Research» team has been a fruitful and productive collaboration. They were extremely capable of designing and programming complicated and reliable tools, based on scientific and production demands, which turned into the excellent source-code.

Prof. Dimitri De Ville, PhD, Head of MIPLAB
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At Aligned Research we are a group of enthusiasts who are making the world secure and more transparent for everybody through machine learning and pattern recognition.

We're using modern tools to build reliable data science pipelines, bringing the data-powered ideas and production projects, generating actual business value, closer together.

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