We are a team of enthusiasts trying to make the world a better place, one implementation of AI at a time. 

Artificial Intelligence is more than machine learning. It is the use of machine intelligence to mimic human approach in decision making. Machine learning is a tool, while the goal of AI is to make machine intelligence human, and humane. 

All industries experience radical changes due to the raise of machine intelligence, and every industry is an opportunity. At Aligned Research, we focus our domain expertise on cybersecurity and life sciences. 

We all know scientists can create wonderful algorithms that produce beautiful results in their sandbox, and engineers can scale almost anything to production. But the science of combining the two areas, science and engineering, into a robust solution that continuously add value and make the business more competitive is an art in itself. We, at Aligned Research, focus on exactly this: bringing AI-driven innovation to production and business impact.

What makes us capable of such a challenging task? A talented group of data scientists, AI practitioners, cybersecurity experts, imaging specialists, medical experts, combined with seasoned engineers and DevOps professionals, who can work together to meet the project objectives on time, and within budget. Talk to us to see what we can do for you!