02 March 2017

Behaviour Analysis

Emotions are what makes our behavior uniq. Actually, we can’t ignore emotions if we want to build trusting relationship between artificial intelligence and human.
Right understanding of emotional background is the key to make the next step in communication. What is especially important in case of Artificial intelligence that it can keep attention on manifestations of emotions and measure mimicry.
These measurements based on movement of landmarks on a face and making a conclusion about people mood.

In our approach we solved tasks of face detection and landmarks detection with minimum of computational resources and made our solution available even for mobile devices and efficiently process not only images but a video too. At the same time we provide 21 landmarks what leads to precise measurement in mimicry. With our algorithm, we leveraged recent breakthroughs in training deep neural networks to notice changes which take only 3 % of image height.

All described characteristics make our solution valuable in many areas - from psychotherapy till retail. You can see results of our algorithm on the picture.