20 May 2017

Medical imaging

We set up Medical Imaging in Aligned Research to make newest image radiology instruments broadly available for specialists.

Medical Imaging is one of most innovative areas of computer vision and demands a special attention to precision and …

New challenges in this area means not only new technologies - better scanners, resolution, more data and etc. It also means new demands from people. More and more people want to get a better medical service. Healthcare specialists simply don’t have the necessary tools yet that would allow realtime services like immediate analysis of CT or MRI scans, which will allow us to obtain treatment accuracy and urgent referral to a right specialist.

We collaborate with medical universities and research centers on image processing tools and augmented reality guided surgery with an aim to help patients get to less invasive and better managed surgical treatment from diagnosis in shorter time possible. Our priorities were established with having in mind the needs of patients and clinicians and tremendously differs from other IT projects that can be costly and ineffective.

On this way we have developed many innovative tools - advanced vessel 3D reconstruction , highly precise perfusion module,  automatic machine learning based approach for tissues segmentations with median error less than 9%. We have successfully applied convolutional neuron networks for object detection and designed a system for optical object tracking, including original stereo camera. You can find out more about our surgical assistant system from this video. We also presented our results on CARS2017 and in DKFZ in 2016.

We’d like to share our experience with you, so if you’d like to tag along - we’d love to hear from you!